Ontario Tourism Receipts

Ontario has a strong and vibrant tourism industry. In 2016, tourism supported 390,540 jobs and generated over $34.1 billion in economic activity in Ontario.

Tourism receipts are used to calculate the overall impact of tourism spending on Ontario’s GDP, jobs and taxes. It includes the spending of those who visit the province as a destination as well as the spending of those who are either passing through the province or leaving the province on their way to other destinations. This figure demonstrates how tourism activities contribute to all the provincial industries that serve travellers, regardless of their final destination.

The data for calculating tourism receipts comes from the results of several Statistics Canada surveys 1. Ontario’s approach to calculating data is similar to the one used by Statistics Canada and Destination Canada.

Please refer to the table below for tourism receipts for the last 10 years and annual percentage changes.

YearOntario's Tourism Receipts ($ Billions)Annual Percentage Change

Note: The ten year average is 3.7 per cent.

For more information, see Ontario’s Tourism Receipts by Origin.

  • [1] ^ Surveys used are: Travel Survey of Residents of Canada, the International Travel Survey and Travel Arrangements Survey