She Can

A Call to Action to Advance Opportunities for Women in Sport

Today, Ontario calls on everyone to remove barriers and create equitable opportunities for women and girls in sport.

Join us. Together, we will champion every woman and girl so they can reach their full sport potential.

Improving women and girls’ participation in sport has benefits beyond the sport and recreation sector. It can lead to higher self-confidence, better grades and enhanced career opportunities. Ontario is calling on all sport organizations across the province to match the province’s commitment to promoting equal and fair opportunities for women and girls in sport and recreation.

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“I’m happy to endorse this call to action on behalf of the Minister’s Advisory Panel on Sport. We recommended that the government adopt an action plan to address the sport gender gap so that more women and girls have the opportunity to achieve their athletic potential. I’m encouraged by today’s announcement, which is a great first step toward positive changes in the sport sector.”

Mary Spencer, Minister’s Advisory Panel Co-chair

“Providing equal opportunities for women and girls in sport, especially at the level of leadership, is a priority of the Minister’s Advisory Panel and we are pleased to see this effort to close the gaps. We would like to express our support for the Minister’s public commitment made today and look forward to a broader action plan for government and sport delivery partners in addressing the gender equity gap.”

Dr. Bruce Kidd, Minister’s Advisory Panel Co-chair

“Since 1981, CAAWS has been working to advance opportunities for women and girls in sport. We’re glad that the Ontario government has taken a leadership role on this important matter and we fully endorse their commitment. We will continue to work with Ontario and the national sport sector to ensure all organizations provide equal and fair access to sports and recreation to women and girls.”

Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS)

"Playing organized sports taught me valuable lessons which have directly impacted my career development. The mentorship I received from women coaches and players in my life gave me confidence and the drive to succeed. It's great to hear that the Ontario government is supporting more women coaches and taking steps to increase gender equity in sports. Generations of young women will benefit from these initiatives."

Kim Ferguson, CEO and Owner of ViaCure

“Having access to leading programs and amazing coaches has a major impact on youth lives. At MLSE LaunchPad we understand that youth use sport to recognize and reach their potential. We’re proud to support the minister’s call to action and will do our part to provide equal opportunities for girls to participate in sport and life skills programs in our facility.”

Tanya Mruck, Executive Director, MLSE Launchpad

“At Jays Care, we know how important it is for girls to get involved in sport at all levels. Participating in sports at a young age builds confidence and promotes healthy behaviours that can last a lifetime. We are thrilled that the Ontario government is creating opportunities for women and girls to get involved, just as we do with our Girls At Bat program. Working together we can help girls across the province discover their own passion for sport.”

Robert Witchel, Executive Director, Jays Care Foundation