Ontario's Tourism Regional Economic Impact Model (TREIM)


The Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport is providing this model (TREIM) on the web to make it easier for organizations and individuals working in, or interested about tourism to determine the economic impact of visitors' and businesses' spending in this area on the local and provincial economies.

What does TREIM do?

TREIM produces the following:

  • Estimates of the Direct, Indirect and Induced impacts of tourism-related activities on Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Labour Income and Employment.
  • Estimates of the Direct and Total impacts of tourism-related activities on Federal, Provincial and Municipal Tax Revenues.

At its core, TREIM is a multi-region input-output model with 49 Census Divisions, 14 Census Metropolitan Areas / Census Agglomerations, 13 Travel Regions, and the entire province. Learn more about the TREIM's methodology.

What does TREIM require from the User?


  • Report Title
  • The Geographical Area where the activity takes place (All of Ontario, a Census Division, a Census Metropolitan Area, or a Travel Region)
  • Additional Geographical Area of impact
  • The impact Year (at the present time the model supports analysis for the years 1996 to 2007)
  • “Yes/No” choice for Induced Impacts (Household Spending and Business Investment), and
  • “Yes/No” choice for the inclusion of Property Taxes

Project Specific

Depending on the project, the User will also be asked to input data on visitor spending or on operating expenses or on investment. Depending on the amount of detail available, TREIM will provide options that the User can use to help him/her along.

Note: The model will retain none of the information provided by the User. All information inputted by the User will be deleted at the end of the session.