Travel activities and motivations survey — Canadian travel market

Attending Live Theatre While on Trips of One or More Nights

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A Profile Report — November 12, 2007
Executive summary

Over the last two years, 15.7% (3,888,356) of adult Canadians attended a theatrical performance while on an out-of-town, overnight trip of one or more nights. Attending live performances in a theatre (12.6%) was the most popular activity followed by dinner theatre performances (6.0%) and theatre festivals (1.8%). Attending a live theatrical performance while on trips was the 9th most frequent culture and entertainment activity type undertaken by Canadian Pleasure Travelers in the past two years. Of those who attended a theatrical performance, 36.0% (1,400,705) reported that this activity was the main reason for taking at least one trip.

Live Theatre Patrons are more likely to be female (56.9%) and the second oldest of the 21 culture and entertainment activity types. They are over-represented among senior couples and senior singles. This is a relatively affluent segment with an above-average level of education (38.9% university degree — 7th highest of the 21 segments) and household income ($80,384 — 5th highest of the 21 segments). They are over-represented among Canadian Pleasure Travelers living in Ontario.

Live Theatre Patrons are more frequent out-of-country travelers than most of the other 21 culture and entertainment activity types. They were the 4th most likely to have visited the United States (64.7%), the 4th most likely to have visited Mexico (18.6%), the 4th most likely to have taken a trip to the Caribbean (24.7%) and the 6th most likely to have traveled overseas (32.3%) in the last two years. However, the domestic travel activities of Live Theatre Patrons are generally below-average. They were only the 16th most likely to have taken a trip within their own province or region (89.9%), the 20th most likely to have traveled to an adjacent province or region (51.3%) and the 9th most likely to have visited a nonadjacent province or region (39.2%).

Live Theatre Patrons were very active while on trips. They were especially likely to attend other types of live art performances (e.g., musical concerts, high art performances, comedy festivals and clubs) as well as literary and film festivals. They were also more likely to enjoy fine cuisine and wine while on trips (e.g., wine, beer and food tastings, winery tours) and to visit health and fitness clubs (e.g., health spas, exercise in a fitness center). They were most often active in resort-related activities (e.g., freshwater scuba diving and snorkelling) and individual sports (e.g., golf, tennis). They seek vacations that offer novelty, intellectual stimulation and opportunities to learn.

Live Theatre Patrons are above-average users of the Internet to plan (68.7%) and book (48.5%) travel. They avidly consume travel-related media and may also be effectively targeted through city lifestyle magazines, news media and classical music radio stations.