Travel Activities and Motivations Survey

Canadian Travelers to Saskatchewan

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Canadian Travel Market

A Profile Report — February 5, 2008

Executive summary

Over the last two years, 7.6% of adult Canadians (1,840,502) took an overnight trip to the province of Saskatchewan. 64.4% (1,185,604) of these Saskatchewan trips were "pleasure trips". Among those who took a pleasure trip to Saskatchewan, 42.9% took two or more pleasure trips to the province during the last two years.

Those who visited Saskatchewan are most likely to live in Manitoba and Alberta. Those from Quebec were the least likely to have taken a trip to Saskatchewan.

Canadian Pleasure Travelers who visited Saskatchewan tend to be older and married without dependent children at home. They are less likely than average to have a university degree and report average household incomes. As such, Canadians who visited Saskatchewan tend to be over-represented among mature, middle-class couples.

Canadians who visited Saskatchewan are more active in outdoor activities than the average Canadian Pleasure Traveler. They were especially more likely to have participated in nature-oriented activities (e.g., hunting, fishing, hiking, climbing and paddling, wilderness activities) and to have played golf and other sports and games (e.g., tennis, board games) while traveling during the last two years. They were also more likely than others to have attended equestrian and western events, professional sporting events and fairs and festivals while on trips. They exhibit above-average interest in educational, participatory activities (e.g., participatory historical activities, aboriginal cultural experiences, agro-tourism) and were more likely than others to have visited educational exhibits (e.g., science and technology exhibits), to have gambled in a casino and to have participated in a wine, beer or food tasting during the last two years. Visitors to Saskatchewan most often stayed at public or private campgrounds. However, they were also more likely than average to have stayed in a wilderness area and to have toured using a motor home or RV.

Saskatchewan Visitors prefer vacations that create lasting memories, help keep family ties alive, provide opportunities to reconnect with family or friends or provide isolation and solitude. These findings suggest that most individuals currently visit Saskatchewan to enjoy its natural assets.

Saskatchewan Visitors are slightly above-average users of the Internet for planning (64.0%) and booking travel (42.2%). Their use of travel media is also only slightly above-average. They may be most effectively reached through country music radio, science and nature programs and magazines, sports programming and house and home websites and magazines.