Travel activities and motivations survey — U.S. Travel Market

Attending Rock Concerts and Recreational Dancing

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A Profile Report — August 31, 2007
Executive summary

Over the last two years, 11.8% (26,005,373) of adult Americans went to rock or pop music concerts or went recreational dancing while on an out-of-town, overnight trip of one or more nights. 9.1% attended a rock or pop music concert on a trip while 3.7% went recreational dancing. 40.3% (10,470,740 adult Americans) of those who attended a rock concert or went recreational dancing reported that this activity was the main reason for taking at least one trip in the past two years.

Relative to the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler, those who attended rock concerts or went recreational dancing while on trips are equally spilt between males and females but over-represented among young (18 to 34 years of age) singles. This segment has slightly above-average levels of education (64.7% university degree or higher) and household incomes ($81,480). They are over-represented in Alaska and the Pacific, Middle Atlantic and New England regions. They are also more likely to live in large cities (population 2 million or more).

Over the past two years, travelers who attended rock concerts or went recreational dancing took more trips than the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler and were somewhat more likely to have taken a trip to Canada (19.8% versus 14.6%). The most common Canadian destinations were Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, however, they are over-represented among U.S. visitors to all Canadian provinces and territories.

Travelers who attended rock concerts or went recreational dancing are very active on trips and more likely than the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler to participate in a wide variety of culture and entertainment activities, outdoor activities, tours and cruises. They were especially more likely to engage in sports-related activities, both as a spectator (e.g., professional sporting events) and as a participant (e.g., team sports), to attend live arts performances and theatre, film and music festivals and to participate in physically strenuous outdoor activities (e.g., downhill skiing & snowboarding, sailing & surfing). They also enjoy fine dining, winery tours and health spas. This segment seeks high-energy, activity-oriented vacation destinations that offer novelty, lots to see and do, intellectual stimulation, physical challenge, great shopping opportunities and an opportunity to be pampered.

This segment is an above-average user of the Internet to plan (81.5%) and book travel (61.2%). They can be most effectively targeted through travel media as well as music and entertainment media (e.g., music / video shows or channels, modern rock or Top 40 radio, magazine and entertainment websites).