Travel activities and motivations survey — U.S. Travel Market

U.S. Travelers to Quebec

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A Profile Report — January 24, 2008

Executive summary

Over the last two years, 2.4% of adult Americans (5,276,757) took an overnight trip to Quebec. This represents 3.1% of the U.S. Pleasure Travelers. 22.9% of the U.S. Pleasure Travelers took two or more pleasure trips to Quebec in the last two years.

Those who visited Quebec are most likely to live in a border state such as Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. However, there is also an above-average rate of visits among the residents of Massachusetts, the District of Columbia and Connecticut. They are also over-represented among those from larger urban centers.

Those who visited Quebec tend to be older and more affluent than the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler. 31.2% have a post-graduate degree (as opposed to 16.6% for the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler), and 35.1% report a household of $100,000 or more (as opposed to 21.1% for the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler). Their age, level of education and household incomes are reflected in the types of activities they pursue while on trips.

Those who visited Quebec are much more likely than other U.S. Pleasure Travelers to have participated in education-related activities (e.g., participatory historical activities, aboriginal cultural experiences, archaeological digs and sites) and to have attended high art performances, theatre, film and music festivals and garden-themed attractions. They are very active in outdoor activities including downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, sailing and other boating activities. They frequently take guided tours (and especially city tours) and cruises. They prefer luxury accommodation (e.g., resorts) and especially those that specialize in fine cuisine.

They seek vacations that offer opportunities to be intellectually stimulated, offer novelty and allow them to experience a different culture. This suggests that Quebec should emphasize its cultural distinctiveness in promotions to the U.S. travel market.

Those who visited Quebec are above-average users of the Internet to plan (77.4%) and book travel (58.3%). They are also above-average consumers of travel media. They may be most effectively targeted though intellectual television programming (e.g., programs about history, biographies, science and nature), news programming (e.g., television news, news / talk / information radio stations, Internet news sites), city lifestyle magazines and classical music and multicultural radio stations.