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Attending Professional Sports Events While on Trips of One or More Nights

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A Profile Report — July 4, 2007
Executive summary

Over the last two years, 12.5% (27,464,064) of adult Americans attended a professional sports event while on an out-of-town, overnight trip of one or more nights. Baseball games were the most popular professional sports event attended on trips (8.1%), followed by football games (4.4%), basketball games (2.5%), ice hockey games (1.9%) and golf tournaments (1.0%). 45.9% (12,602,543) of those who attended a professional sports event reported that this activity was the main reason for taking at least one trip in the past two years.

Relative to the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler, those who attend professional sports events while on trips are more likely to be young, single males 18 to 34 years of age. They are relatively affluent with an above-average level of education and above-average household incomes ($86,175). They are over-represented in Alaska and the West North Central, East North Central and New England regions of the United States.

Over the past two years, those who attended professional sports events while on trips traveled more frequently than the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler and they were more likely to have taken a trip to Canada (22.5% versus 14.6%). The most common Canadian destinations were Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, however, this segment is over-represented among U.S. travelers to all Canadian provinces and territories.

Those who attend professional sports events as spectators are much more likely than the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler to also play sports (e.g., games and individual sports, golf, team sports) and to participate in strenuous outdoor activities (e.g., downhill skiing and snowboarding) while on trips. They are also more likely than average to take advantage of nightlife activities (e.g., rock concerts and recreational dancing), the arts (e.g., theatre, film and music festivals) and other sporting events (e.g., amateur tournaments) while traveling. This segment most often stayed at a seaside resort or public campground while on trips and was more likely than average to take tours (especially casino, winery or factory tours) and cruises.

This segment is more likely than the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler to use the Internet to plan (80.5%) and book (62.1%) travel. They were particularly likely to have purchased tickets for specific activities or attractions online (presumably for professional sports events).

This segment can be targeted most effectively through sports-related media, including professional sports magazines, television sports game or talk shows, all-sports radio stations and sports-related websites.

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