Travel activities and motivations survey — Canadian travel market

Skating While on Trips of One or More Nights

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A Profile Report — October 27, 2007
Executive summary

Over the last two years, 8.9% (2,204,750) of adult Canadians went skating while on an out-of-town, overnight trip of one or more nights. Skating was the 11th most common outdoor activity undertaken by Canadian Pleasure Travelers in the past two years. More adult Canadians went ice skating on a trip (7.7%) than went in-line skating or rollerblading (2.3%). Of those who went skating, only 20.1% (444,037) stated that this was the main reason for taking a trip. This suggests that skating is typically just one of several activities undertaken on trips and generally not the main reason for travel.

Skaters are the second youngest of the 21 outdoor activity types with Young Singles and Young Couples over-represented as well as Young Families and Mature Families. Relative to the average Canadian Pleasure Traveler, Skaters have somewhat above-average levels of education (34.6% have a university education) and household incomes ($78,625). They are over-represented in Quebec and Alberta.

Relative to the other outdoor activity types, the travel patterns of Skaters are not particularly distinctive. They were the 12th most likely to have taken a trip within their own province or region (93.2%), the 8th most likely to have traveled to an adjacent province or region (58.8%) and the 11th most likely to have visited a non-adjacent province or region (57.7%) in the last two years. In terms of out-of-country travel, Skaters were the 12th most likely to have visited the United States (57.7%), 11th most likely to have visited the Caribbean (18.6%) and18th most likely to have traveled to Mexico (12.5%).

Relative to the average Canadian Pleasure Traveler, Skaters were very active in outdoor activities while on trips, and especially strenuous winter activities (e.g., downhill skiing and snowboarding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing), summer activities (e.g., cycling, horseback riding) and sports (e.g., team sports, individual sports and games). Skaters were also more likely than average to attend culture and entertainment activities while traveling, including educational activities (e.g., theme parks and exhibits, participatory historical activities) and sporting events (e.g., professional sports events, amateur tournaments). Skaters frequently take tours (e.g., wilderness tours) while on trips and most often stayed at public or private campgrounds, lakeside or riverside resorts. They prefer physically challenging vacations with lots of activity for adults and children that allow them to reconnect with family members and create lasting memories.

Skaters are above-average users of the Internet to plan (73.1%) and book travel (46.5%). They are more likely to obtain travel information from television programs and advertising, newspaper / magazine articles and advertising, travel guide books and official tourism agencies (e.g., guides or brochures, visitor information centres).