Travel activities and motivations survey — U.S. Travel Market

Board and Blade While on Trips of One or More Nights

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A Profile Report — April 25,
Executive summary

Over the last two years, 3.1% (6,969,316) of adult Americans participated in board and blade activities while on an out-of-town, overnight trip of one or more nights. Ice skating (1.7%) was the most popular activity, followed by inline skating or rollerblading (0.9%), ice hockey (0.6%) and skateboarding (0.5%). Among those who participated, 28.0% (1,992,985) reported that this activity was the main reason for taking at least one trip during the past two years.

Board and Bladers are well represented among both women and men and 18 to 44 years of age. The majority are married and they are more likely than the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler to have children less than 18 living at home. Their household income and level of education is above-average. They are over-represented in Alaska, and the New England, Middle Atlantic and Pacific regions of the United States.

Over the past two years, Board and Bladers traveled more frequently than the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler and they were more likely to have taken a trip to Canada (26.5% versus 14.6%). The most common destinations were Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec; however they are over-represented among U.S. Pleasure Travelers to all Canadian provinces and territories.

Board and Bladers tend to participate in many more activities on their trips than the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler. They consider it important that a vacation offers opportunities to see and do something new or different and allows them to be physically challenged and intellectually stimulated. Board and Bladers tend to prefer strenuous outdoor pursuits (e.g., games and individual sports; downhill skiing and snowboarding; team sports; extreme skiing, extreme air sports). They also exhibit an above average interest in sports-related entertainment activities (e.g., professional sporting events, amateur tournaments, national and international sporting events) while on trips. A vacation that combines a variety of physically challenging outdoor activities, learning opportunities and sporting events may have strong appeal for this activity segment.

Board and Bladers were also more likely than the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler to go on cruises and tours when on trips. They tended to stay at seaside resorts or public campgrounds, and they were much more likely than the average U.S. Pleasure Traveler to have stayed at ski or mountain resorts during the past two years.

The Internet is a key vacation planning tool for Board and Bladers. The large majority have visited travel websites and have booked at least part of a trip online in the past two years. Their media preferences are strongly oriented toward both sports and travel-related media.