Travel Activities and Motivations Survey

Canadian Travelers to British Columbia

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Canadian Travel Market

A Profile Report — February 5, 2008

Executive summary

Over the last two years, 16.9% of adult Canadians (3,631,615) took an overnight trip from another province to British Columbia (for any purpose). 76.1% (2,763,250) of those who took a trip to British Columbia report taking a "pleasure trip" to the province. Among those who took a pleasure trip to British Columbia, 49.0% took two or more pleasure trips to the province in the last two years, the second highest repeat visitor rate (behind the Atlantic Region). British Columbia was the second most frequently visited Canadian destination by Canadian Pleasure Travelers who visited another province (behind Ontario). Those who visited British Columbia are most likely to live in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

British Columbia Visitors are slightly more likely than average to be either 18 to 24 years old or over the age of 64. They are more likely to have a university degree and to report a household income of $100,000 or more. On average, visitors to British Columbia are more affluent than the average Canadian Pleasure Traveler.

Those who visited British Columbia were much more active in outdoor activities while on trips than the typical Canadian Pleasure Traveler. They were especially likely to go downhill skiing and snowboarding, golfing and to participate in fitness activities. They were also much more active in nature-oriented activities (e.g., hiking, climbing and paddling), sports and games (e.g., tennis) and freshwater scuba diving and snorkeling. They were also very active in culture and entertainment activities while traveling. They were especially likely to attend sporting events, to take part in wine beer and food tastings and to visit spas. They were also more likely than others to have taken part in educational, participatory activities (e.g., aboriginal cultural experiences), to attend live art performances (e.g., musical concerts) and to visit educational exhibits while on trips. They most often stay at public campgrounds and resorts but were especially likely to have stayed at a ski or mountain resorts or in a wilderness area. They were more likely than others to have taken Alaskan cruises, tours of wineries or factories, wilderness tours, city tours and multi-location, self-guided tours during the last two years.

Visitors to British Columbia prefer vacations that are physically challenging as well as intellectually stimulating. They value novelty, learning opportunities and a chance to enjoy nature and participate in a wide array of outdoor activities.

Canadians who took a trip to British Columbia are above-average users of the Internet to plan (70.7%) and book travel (51.3%). They are also above-average consumers of travel media. They may also be effectively reached through city lifestyle magazines, health and fitness magazines, sports-related media and country music and classical music radio stations and news / talk / information radio stations.