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Investing In Ontario

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport supports Ontario's investors, municipalities and tourism operators with information and assistance in:

  • Regional tourism planning
  • Developing destinations and experiences
  • Identifying and developing investment opportunities
  • Marketing regional investment cases to investors
  • Business skills development, resources and training
  • Enhancing festivals and events, attracting convention business and developing tourism through Celebrate Ontario and the Tourism Development Fund.

Did you know?

Canada ranks as one of the world's top tourist destinations. And Ontario leads all provinces in tourist visits and expenditures.

Preliminary numbers for 2012 indicate that tourism generated $28 billion for Ontario’s economy.

Tourism in Ontario employs over 300,000 and is the largest single employer of young workers. Every $1 million spent by tourists creates 14 jobs and generates $553,400 in wages and salaries.

If you are an investor interested in Ontario tourism opportunities, we can help you:

  • Organize tourism investment trips to Ontario
  • Find contacts to help you with your business interests
  • Discover detailed information on tourism sub-sectors that hold your greatest opportunities for investment.

If you are a municipality that wants to attract tourism investment, we can help you:

  • Identify business investment opportunities
  • Find information to support your business case or feasibility study
  • Promote your investment cases
  • Connect with the investment community.

If you are a tourism operator who wants to grow your business, we can:

  • Review your business and marketing plans
  • Identify emerging markets
  • Provide statistical and trend analysis
  • Present you with information on government programs.

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