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Ontario's Entertainment and Creative Cluster: A Framework for Growth Report

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Foreword from the Minister of Tourism and Culture

Michael ChanThe Ministry of Tourism and Culture is very pleased to present Ontario's Framework for the Entertainment and Creative Cluster – a document that lays out a vision for the continued growth and leadership of Ontario's cultural and other creative industries.

Over the last decade, the Creative Cluster has grown at a rate even faster than our overall economy. Between 1999 and 2007, Ontario's Creative Cluster job growth was double that of the rest of the economy - 38.3% compared with 17% in the overall Ontario economy.

Ontario cultural industry firms – including companies in the film, television, publishing, music, commercial theatre and interactive digital media industries – have always been leaders in the domestic entertainment industry; today many are reaching for – and finding – success in markets around the world. The province is recognized for its excellence in fields such as domestic television production, kids programming, animation, console video games and cross-platform programming. Companies like Corus Entertainment, Decode Entertainment, Silicon Knights, Shaftsbury Films and Xenophile Media are winning critical acclaim and expanding their international sales. Ontario's long tradition of publishing excellence is being extended into the digital world, with ventures such as Magazines Canada's launch of a digital magazine marketplace, while the eBook marketplace is providing an entirely new platform for the works of Ontario's legendary novelists and poets.

Our work on behalf of this fast-growing and culturally important Creative Cluster is a team effort, spread across a number of Ontario government ministries with a commitment to the knowledge-based economy of the future. I am grateful to the Ministries of Finance; Research and Innovation; Economic Development and Trade; and Training, Colleges and Universities, for their advice and collaboration in the development of this report.

The Creative Cluster's partners in government are working together, to continuously innovate in delivering the programs and services that have helped companies grow stronger and respond to their daily business challenges.

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture has been the partner and champion of the cultural and creative industries for many years. In 2006, the ministry recognized the maturity of this sector, and its growing economic importance in the digital age, by adopting a cluster-based approach to the development of these industries and forming partnerships across the Ontario government. This new document builds on this legacy and looks to the excellent opportunities, in Canada and around the world, that lie ahead for the Creative Cluster. We hope the industry – companies, trade organizations, post-secondary institutions, creator groups and the many other industries that form a rich value-chain in the Creative Cluster – will join us in the discussion, laying the foundation for the next wave of growth.

The Honourable Michael Chan
Minister of Tourism and Culture


The Ministry of Tourism and Culture acknowledges the contribution to this report of Nordicity Group Ltd., namely Senior Partner Peter Lyman and Senior Consultant Kristian Roberts whose expert knowledge, insight and research were central to the development of this report.

The ministry would also like to thank the industry associations and our ministry partners who were consulted in the preparation of this report:

  • Ontario Media Development Corporation
  • FilmOntario
  • Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario
  • Interactive Ontario
  • Canadian Independent Music Association
  • Canadian Magazine Publishers Association
  • Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Research and Innovation
  • Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment
  • Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities