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Ontario's Unique Value Proposition

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This long legacy of both federal and provincial government support for cultural industries has created in Ontario a very strong foundation across the spectrum of cultural industries. As a result, the province is well-positioned to capitalize on global opportunities in these industries. Traditionally, a part of Ontario's Creative Cluster's value proposition has been that of a low-cost, high skills service provider. If Ontario is to compete effectively on the international stage, it must move beyond this original value proposition to that of an adaptable, innovative, high-value jurisdiction that is also cost-competitive. Achieving this value proposition is possible as we examine Ontario's key competitive advantages:

  • Proven ability to produce high-quality, cost-effective creative products
  • Wide breadth and strength across all of the cultural industries
  • Strength in enabling industries such as broadcasting, design and information and communication technologies.

In addition to the strengths Ontario's Creative Cluster offers, the province has its own demographics that can further bolster Ontario's unique value:

  • A diverse population: With citizens from over 200 countries, speaking 130 languages, Ontario is the most multicultural province in Canada, and is home to the most diverse city in the world - Toronto.
  • A varied ecology of companies: Ontario's Creative Cluster is composed of a varied and diverse ecosystem of companies, including a large number of small- and medium-sized businesses and a scattering of medium to large anchor firms. Small start-up companies commonly make great strides in technical and business model innovations, while larger businesses are often able to open markets and distribution channels and can take advantage of opportunities requiring more investment.
  • World-class training and post secondary training systems: Ontario produces world-class animators, digital game creators and other innovators and attracts non-Ontarians who want to train in these fields.

Drawing upon its natural strengths, Ontario's Creative Cluster is in a position to promote a new unique value proposition that balances cost-reduction (e.g. tax credits) with value-added, high-quality products. With such a wide range of competencies, Ontario's Creative Cluster is in an enviable position, able to access and exploit a broad range of market opportunities as they emerge.


Heading into its fourth season, WestWind Production's TV series, Little Mosque on the Prairie, is an example of the international appeal of Canada's sensitivity to religion, race and ethnicity. The show's cast of Muslim and non-Muslim characters create a humorous contrast between modern cosmopolitanism and an exaggerated sense of small-town bigotry.

After drawing a domestic audience of 2.1 million viewers during its premiere in 2007 and 1.2 million for the season, the show's producers have signed deals across the globe including France (Canal Plus); Turkey (Kanal); Israel (Stars 3); and francophone African countries (Canal+Group), among others. In June of 2008, 20th Century Fox bought the format rights for the American market.