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There is proven potential for the Creative Cluster, both as a whole and within individual industries. Ontario has a significant opportunity to increase its share of a large and growing global market. The Creative Cluster could also represent a critical pivot point that could leverage the Ontario economy out of the recent economic downturn and into the next emerging economy — the knowledge economy.

Managing economic development is an ever-changing art at the best of times, even more so in light of ongoing market disruption and increased international competition from other jurisdictions seeking new ways to further their own policies and stimulus initiatives. As the landscape for the Creative Cluster changes with unprecedented speed and regularity, policy innovation will be required to create new models for response.

Ontario's Creative Cluster companies have shown that their creative ability knows no bounds. Similarly, Ontario's pioneering programs have shown that the government has the ability to effectively foster the growth of key industries. Through continued innovation in investments, policies and programs focused on establishing a new value proposition and supporting the six pillars proposed in this framework, Ontario will be well-positioned to ensure the Creative Cluster capitalizes on the growing opportunities in the domestic and global entertainment and media marketplace.