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Ontario is Acting to Achieve this Vision

Table of contents

The Government of Ontario has introduced an ambitious stream of programs and policies that unlock the full potential and innovation of the Creative Cluster, including enhancements to most of the province's cultural industries tax credits, the introduction of the IP Development Fund and continued investment in the OMDC.

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture will work in partnership with stakeholders in the sector and our partner ministries, together with other levels of government, to support the pillars laid out in this report.

We will:

  • Provide sustained funding for the OMDC, allowing the agency to set long-term plans and goals for each of the industries it serves, with particular emphasis on evolving its suite of programs to address digital transformation and the opportunities it brings
  • Work with partner ministries and stakeholders to explore private-sector investment opportunities in Creative Cluster companies
  • Carry out a robust research program to obtain actionable market and technological information to assist the Creative Cluster
  • Enhance measurement of the Creative Cluster's market share and other key performance metrics to ensure programs and strategies are working
  • Advocate with the federal government, on behalf of the content industries, for a modernized copyright regime and an effective national digital strategy.